December 18, 2016

Everyday Hair Routine.

This month, I've let myself go, hibernated for Winter and let my hair has go back it's Rapunzel roots. Usually leaving my hair without a cut for this long would mean split ends, awful roots and dry hair however my hair has actually never looked so good.

This is completely in gratitude to my latest haircare routine and a few extra hair loving products. I fly through countless shampoos and conditioners, as I just love trying new things, however a duo that I will miss, mainly for it's incredible rich rosy scent in the shower is Umberto Giannini's Indulge Wash and Care Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner c/o (£7.00 each). These two feel so luxurious once lathered onto your hair and doesn't leave you with that squeaky clean feeling, which I hate! My hair does feel nourished and soft even when wet. I love the new rose gold metallic style packaging too!

I have still not quite found 'that' hair mask that I can go back to time and time again, guaranteeing I will notice the difference. This one however has completely survived the testing phase and now is into my weekly routine is Senspa's Lava Clay Hair and Scalp Masque c/o (£6.95 NOW £4.63).
Starting with the price, I think this mask is a complete steal! The jar the mask comes in a really hefty and I think I am about half way through after two months of using it every week. The star ingredient for me in this, is the Moroccan lava clay, which like a face mask, helps to nourish and clean the hair whilst also drawing out excess unwanted oils that may cause your hair to get greasy. If I use this mask at the start of the week I usually only need to wash my hair once again.

The mask's texture is lovely too, not your usually drying clay which can sometimes happen with a face mask, this has a creamy nourishing formula with coconut, grape and jasmine oil. I like to leave it on wet hair either pre-washed or before shampoo for around 5 minutes, any longer and I feel like it weighs my hair down too much.

To compliment this mask, Colour Wow Coconut Cocktail c/o (£22.00) has got to my favourite hair product I have tried all year and has made the biggest difference to my hairs texture and look- also helps that it smells like a holiday! This product is a genius extra which you add onto your hair after washing it. Just like an oil, you distribute the creamy tonic into your hair whilst still wet and let it's do it's work. Bringing together fatty acids and emollients along with coconut, the bionic tonic hydrates and lubricates your hair re-instating any damage done by colouring. I love this product and I think if you have longer hair like me, its a great addition if you use alot of colouring and need a quick fix to improve your hairs texture and style.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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