November 29, 2016


There is one thing that I knew as soon as I had enough space, money and love to give was that I wanted to finally buy the dog I have always wanted. Ever since I could walk and talk I knew that one day I would have the perfect pooch by my side and we would be the best of friends. Yes sounds a little ridiculous but it is truth. 

 This time last year, just before Christmas that dream came true and we bought Oscar. 

My tiny little baby, brought love and happiness to me so quickly, I felt love unlike anything I have ever known or could have ever expected. I mean he was a tiny little thing that just wanted love, hugs, play time and most of the bed whilst we slept!

It didn't take long for Oscar to depend on me and soon enough we were inseparable. Still one year on we are one, he is my greatest love and I can't imagine life before he was here. What did me and my partner even talk about before Oscar! 

It has been a tough year for me once again and I owe so much to Oscar for loving me unconditionally. He is always there for me doesn't matter what the worries. I just look in his eyes and he makes everything OK. 

As you may know, a few months ago we got another little edition to our Frenchie family, in the form of little Capers. A baby girl this time, Oscar has become the most wonderful big brother we could have ever asked for. He has been kind, gentle and so loving towards her, that we love him even more! 

Bringing a new puppy into a home can be difficult and we were never sure how he would react with the change of attention and suddenly his home being shared! He has his moments but he copes with it easier than we would have thought. Now he can run around like a crazy dogg all the time with a pup to chase.

I am so proud, thankful and grateful to be able to have Oscar in my life. He is my world.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox

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  1. He is such an absolute cutie and has a face that just melts hearts x


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