July 10, 2014


It's got to have been at least a month ago now that I frantically ran to the nearest wifi hot spot and bagged myself one the very highly sort after latest British Beauty Blogger's third beauty box. I love Jane from BBB and I always am the first to watch her YouTube videos. She knows her stuff and her opinion matters to me. As a fan, I knew I had to get the third instalment of Jane's ventures into the beauty box world and with an incredible team behind her this time round, Latest in Beauty, who also are the queens of the make your own beauty box, I knew I was in for a treat! Now instead of the usual full run down of the box itself, I have decided to share with you five products from the box that I think are certainly worth a mention and ones that I would recommend to you and buy myself again.

First up is Elemis Treat Your Feet Foot Cream (20ml sample). Like all of Jane's boxes, you will usually find it bursting full of full sized products and a mix of different sized samples that are normally  extremely generous. This box was no different,  if not the best of the bunch. This foot cream, which like it or not is a product that isn't quite bought for glamour, is a delight to use. With the a refreshing menthol scent, this foot cream helps to soften your feet, perfect for the summer months. I think is so important to look after your feet and whilst I stand on my feet all day long, they need TLC. The cooling feeling of this cream is my favourite. It just completely relaxes me and after a hard day at work, the cream softens and hydrates. 

Next up is La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray (50ml sample). A very generous sized sample perfect for any on the gal lass in summer. I hadn't actually tried this water spray before and I was pleasantly surprised how refreshing and hydrating it is. When it is too hot or your feeling a little flushed this soothing spray cools you right down without drying out your skin, which is always something I worry about when using these sorts of products. I adore the size of this one and I always take it out with me if I know I may get a little over heated, especially when I am travelling as I always get a little nervous.

Whilst on the subject of feeling relaxed and calm, I couldn't not share with you the Kneipp Enjoy Life Herbal Bath Oil (100ml, full size). Firstly I was pretty shocked to see a full sized bath oil in the box as I immediately thought what a treat! I was lucky to get the lemon scent which although isn't always my favourite, once it is in the bath, it's scent is so uplifting  and energising. I love the fact that this scent is something I probably wouldn't have ever tried as that's what these beauty boxes are all about really aren't they? For me I hardly ever use bath products that are uplifting and as I usually bath at night I never use anything that is awakening hehe. With this I think it really does work and when I have been getting home pretty early in the day, as I have been working from the wee hours of the morning, a bath with this always wakes me up from my slumber! 

L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Lotion (50ml sample) is a product that I fell in love with as soon as I used it. With Asian influences, L'Occitane's softening lotion is an extra layer in your skin routine, which I personally use as my hydrating toner after using Pixi Glow Tonic. I like to take a little amount in my hand and pat it gently into my skin. The lotion helps to soften and brighten the skins complexion. I love this product and similar to Melvita's extraordinaire water, as it is a cross between a light serum and toner, it's perfect for a light healthy dose of moisture when it's hot and sticky at night. 

Finally is something to get excited about and it's Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Full Size). Yes a full size too! This mascara is a dark carbon black infused with collagen that helps to create thick dark sexy lashes just in a few sweeps. I have been wearing this mascara ever since I got it and it is unlike anything I have used before. The mascara itself is so black and when i apply it, my lashes double in texture and thickness. They almost look like the height and width of fake lashes. It does clump up a little but for me it then gives huge volume that I can't get with any other mascara I have in my collection. The packaging too has an amazing weight to it and feels like something special. 

So there you have it my top five. Now don't get me wrong there are so many more products that I loved in this box but for sure these were my favourites. Oh but that Essie polish was a treat! 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


  1. Latest In Beauty is one of my favourite beauty stores, have you tried the GLAMOUR's beauty box yet? If you have what do you think of it?xx


    1. Noooo i have to go pick mine up soon. I am in love with their boxes! xx

  2. I loved this box & have been enjoying working my way through the contents. The Elemis Foot Balm have been my summer saviour. Keeping my feet looking their best.
    The Bath Oil smells so good & I find it very relaxing. I have been using the Benefit Eye Cream too & really like it. Its very hydrating & the pot is just so sweet

    1. It was such a good box wasn't it! I have tried everything now but my favourites were pretty tricky to pick! xx

  3. Thank you for the lovely review xxx

  4. It was such a fab box I am not sure I could pick my favourite five, though I now feel I should ;) xx
    lots of love Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. You should try! It was so tricky! So many favourites xx


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