April 08, 2014


The start to one of the best months of the year for me and I have a new mini series for you that will be popping up on your screens for the next few weeks on a Tuesday - meet the replacements. As a skincare addict, I am forever trying new products and working out what is best for my skin. Sometimes you take a punt on a product, fall into all the hype and give it a go. At the start of the year as my much loved Winter night time moisturiser, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream pot became empty it was time for a newbie to pop into my life. You can find my full review of Kiehl's Ultra Face cream HERE. I have always wanted to try Origins products as they are a brand that I am completely new too and I know they are a bloggers favourite. So enough is enough I gave in and bought Origins High Potency Night -A-Mins Cream

Although heavier in texture in comparison to Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream it's rich texture that smells orange peel is one of those creams that felt like love at first use. Origins calls this a mineral enriched renewal cream, which in a nut shell, is jam packed with vitamins and goodness that helps to give you a radiant and plumper complexion by the morning. Ingredients include vitamins C that helps repair cellular damage, Vitamin E the skins antioxidant hero and Vitamin H, which was a new one to me but thank goodness it's in there as it helps smooth and hydrate the skin. 

Just as a quick note, I decided to buy the non oil free version for dry to dehydrated skin, as over the last few months I have realised that it is best to keep my skin nourished and hydrated even though I am prone to spots, this cream in no way aggravates them or makes my skin oily in any way. To be honest, my skin has never looked so good.

I think this cream is a great addiction to my skincare shelf and at night, it is such a gorgeous product to apply. It really does everything it says on the tin and as my first Origins purchase, I am so impressed. I complete understand the hype over this product and the fact that it is a staple in many night time routine says it all. To compare Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream to this one, I would say they can't really be compared as they do different things. Kiehl's moisturiser is to combat dehydrated skin during the cold and harsh weathers of Winter and although Origins cream does this too, Origins does much more. For my skin, it has not only kept it hydrated it has smoothed, it's vitamin enriched formula brings life to my skin.  I think now I have tried this cream, it would be rather difficult to replace, as it has done wonders for my grey like complexion. Say goodbye to dull winter skin and hello to a glowing Spring skin. 

What are your thoughts on Origins? Have you tried this night time treat before?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I'm a huge Origins fan! but I'm yet to try this product out, can't wait to hear your thoughts on it

    Love India xox
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    PS - I have a giveaway live on my blog ft a gorgeous Beauty filled hamper!

    1. I have only just got on the origins band wagon hehe! xx

  2. I might have to try it. Currently I am using Kiehls and I like it, but as you said I don't think it is doing anything more than moisturizing.

    1. Completely, I think its important to mix it up sometimes especially with the change in season xx

  3. Origins is my go to skincare brand!


  4. I really want to try more Origins products, always hearing great things about it. xx



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